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Catherine Engelmeyer

My passion has always been color and texture since I was little. My mother taught me how to sew and knit, but my passion was to make little blankets and pillows with the many left over fabrics that were presented to me, and this passion never ended.

Later on, I became an interior designer and my choices of color and association of colours became my main focus. I've worked as an interior designer for close to 40 years, always wanting to paint and not having the time. I have had a terrific job and terrific clients that have fulfilled me throughout my career.

When Covid started and I stayed in my apartment, I found this desire to paint. Within a week, I was set up in the guest bedroom, dining table, and the rest of the apartment.

I have painted almost every day since then and decided to rent a painting studio 3 miles from where I live. It is the best thing I have ever done. I go to the studio and spend hours in a place that is entirely my own with colours surrounding me. It is happy.

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