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Liquitex Residency

Meet Gail. During her two-month Liquitex Residency at Manufacturers Village, Gail-Marie Boykewich will create work inspired by her intense love for flora and fauna. Highlighting the beauty of the natural world, the importance of environmental conservation, and the human-animal bond. Her paintings depict fictitious characters surrounded by plants and animals. These elements act as symbols that can provide protection and represent emotions like serenity, vulnerability, or rage. My work also celebrates the beauty in the “flaws” of human appearance, highlighting things like stray hairs, birthmarks, and scars.

She studied painting, sculpture, and fiber arts at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. While there she was drawn to traditional portrait painting, folk art, and magical realism. Gail has shown her work in Los Angeles, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Houston, Minneapolis, and Jersey City. Her most recent art fairs include 4 Heads Portal: The Governors Island art fair 2019 and the Superfine art fair 2020 in Los Angeles, and 14C Showcase award in Jersey City in 2022.

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