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Sybil Archibald

Sybil Archibald is an artist with a lifelong interest in sacred art practices. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in medieval spirituality from New York University and trained extensively in traditional sacred arts including Russian Icon painting at the School of Sacred Arts in Manhattan. Her artistic practice builds on the foundational knowledge, learned from these traditions, that creation is a spiritual act. Through printmaking, painting, and sculpture, she creates a complex language of symbols and color used to reveal the hidden mystical nature of the world.

While still in her twenties, Archibald was diagnosed with the rare autoimmune disease scleroderma and given five years to live. She credits the healing nature of making art with keeping her alive and going strong for more than 25 years. During her Monotype of the Day Project, she created a new monotype each day for 900 days. This daily practice is integral to her inner healing. Archibald's upcoming book, The Inner Life of the Artist: 900 Monotypes in 900 Days, will pair her monotypes and writing with sacred poetry from around the world to give the reader rare insights into the healing nature of art and the life of an artist.

Archibald’s work has been shown nationally and internationally in museums, galleries, and universities. She currently creates out of her light-filled studio in South Orange, NJ, encouraged by her husband, two dogs, and 12 koi.

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