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Tatyana Kazakova

Tatyana Kazakova is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer. She likes to work on art projects using her intuition and spontaneity as well as on creative design projects that require her conceptual thinking. Tatyana prefers to use diverse media in her projects to express her vision. She experiments with various materials: oil and acrylic painting, drawing with ink and watercolors, etching, woodcut, lithography, collages, computer graphics, and videos. 
Tatyana received the award for Best Book Design from the Russian Artist Union, award for the posters from Guttenberger publishing house in Germany, several Awards for graphic design from Art Director Club of NJ, USA. 
Tatyana Kazakova started studying painting at the age of 6 under the guidance of Yuri Zlotnikov in Moscow. She graduated from Moscow Printing Academy with an MA in art, book illustration, and design. She studied graphics and typography in Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design in Germany under Professor Klaus Detjen.
After graduation she became a regular participant in many art shows in Russia and Germany. As a member of the Russian Professional Artist Union, she took part in several artist residencies in Russia (Art Houses Cheluskinskaja and Seneg) and Germany (Salzau). During these years she actively worked with woodcut, painting and etching. 
In the United States, she worked as a full time graphic designer for 14 years, creating packaging, advertising, typography design, trade shows, web landing pages and videos. For example, she created an animated advertising campaign displayed on Times Square.
Tatiana now works as a full time artist and has a studio in Manufacturers Village, NJ

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