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Jessica Fromm

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What are you working on right now?

Human beings are creatures of habit who make life changes only slowly and reluctantly, if at all. This element of stasis is compounded hundreds-fold when magnified to social and political groups, local, national and international. Te resistance to social change especially in regard to climate change, which is complicated by huge economic issues, is putting the planet and all it's creatures at dire risk.

What would you like to say about Manufacturers Village Artist Community?

I was introduced to MVA several years ago while I was still enjoying a large studio elsewhere despite the physical discomforts of cold Winters and hot Summers as well as the lack of Open Studio events. I was invited to Open Studio by artist friends with studios in the complex. The range and quality of artistic expression in such a great variety of media impressed me greatly.

Now that I have a comfortable studio of my own here I am very happy to have access to comfortable working conditions in all seasons. I find the working environment very stimulating.

What's next for you?

My solo show scheduled for September 2020 at Noho/M55 Gallery in Chelsea has been delayed due to Covid. I was to have shown a personal imagery I’ve devised to engage viewers with my raging feelings about sexual harassment and social disparities, issues that have been especially ignited by the 2016 election. My monoprints, drawings and paintings are already photographed, signed and framed and wait to be seen. Noho/M55 Gallery will be opening in a new space in Chelsea before the end of 2020 and my show will be further ahead in 2021.

Currently I am dealing with climate reality problems. I continue to enjoy the exercise of finding imagery to share my feelings and ideas...something quite different for one who has been an abstract artist for decades. My collage is appearing in a Virtual Exhibition of 32 artists, “WORKS on PAPER, Autumn 2020” at NOHO/M55 Gallery.

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