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village makers and designers


419 neon llc, roger borg

proudly keeping alive the 100+ year old tradition of hand made, quality crafted, commercial neon signage and residential ligthing.


Hungry Bird Eats

Hungry Bird Eats are a healthy, real-food alternative for kids and the adults that chase them around. These crisps come bite-sized and are packaged in a re-sealable to-go sized pouch to be a perfect fit for anyone who is active or just plain hungry.


Johanna Howard Home

Johanna Howard Home combines classic Scandinavian design with artisan traditions and an American flair. By marrying cultural traditions and using sustainable alpaca and cotton we add new flavor to home decor.


Lotta Jansdotter

Textile Designer



Creating STEM and career and technical education programs for schools and camps. We work withOr 65 camps in schools around the country and also help parents develop life skills and children through woodworking. Our mission is to develop life skills and all children through woodworking.


Methodolody Beauty

A Health Conscious, Sustainable and Eco-Friendly personal care company.


Methodology LLC

Methodology is a Earth- friendly, Science based, Sustainable and Community Driven Personal Care Brand!


Stampede Creative

Design for Cannabis & Spirits

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