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Leslie Adler

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What are you working on right now?

Right now I am working on two bodies of work. Both are in their infancy stage.
I am making new wood carvings from my nature photography. I will be then making a series of hand pulled prints. I had made my first carvings in 2018. I have a very limited no of prints of these. I love the way the carvings and prints came out. I think a large series of prints is the way to go with this. The plates/wood carvings themselves are beautiful.
I have just started a new painting series. During COVID I was quarantine in Vermont. The weather was very bad almost the entire time. Like most of my colleagues, resources and space to work were limited.
I ended up doing quite a lot of drawing. Besides finishing two large detailed drawings, I drew my dog, my wonderful companion every night. She would sleep in a chair across from me and I'd draw. Often times she'd roll around but I kept at it. When I got back to New Jersey I started Plein Air Painting. I realized that drawing my dog had helped me draw without attachment to line or photo. This is very important for the individual perspective and imagination needed for my painting. I plan on working on a series of plein air paintings, both water medium and oils that focuses on working from awareness and attention to the view at hand. I then bring that back into the studio and make a new construct with a different medium. One other aspect of these new painting that is very different from my older work is color. Almost all my work had very little color content. I am really going for it with the color in this experimental stage but we will see if I need to back off a little or not.

What would you like to say about Manufacturers Village Artist Community?

I love being at the Manufactuers Village. The community of artists are very talented as well as being really nice . We get together often for meals or events. It is is a very special vibrant atmosphere. We visit each other constantly for feedback and discussion. We have collaborated in shows and large projects. I am thrilled to not only be in the studio but to be a part of a community within a community that we can add creatively to as well.

What's next for you?

Well, I have along way to go with what I just started now. When I am further along with with these works I can see how they fit into what else I have done.

I'm always making things and working on ideas for my birds. In the past I have created some large installations based of the collective flight patterns of birds. I have steel birds that I make sculpture and mobiles out of. Im planning on making a new bird install eventually. Right now Im having fun recycling the old materials.

I am in an exhibition at William Paterson University next April, and looking forward to that. I'd like to do another collaborative exhibition. I love working with my studio mates.

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