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Anjanette McGrath

Anjanette McGrath is a West Orange resident and a mom of four children. She is a portrait and live performance photographer, with a passion for photographing people in their settings and the world around her. Anjanette has been photographing rock n roll bands and performers in the tri state area for the last eight years. Anjanette has always had an interest in documentary style photography. Anjanette’s main focus is story telling through her photography. Anjanette achieves this by setting up the scene and delivering a story for the public to view and interpret. Other occasions, Anjanette simply documents a moment in time to deliver a mood and feeling through her photography.
Anjanette has exhibited her work in many art shows throughout her photography career, as well as going on a U.S. tour with The Liza Colby Sound as their resident tour photographer in 2018. She is currently the social media manager for Wendigo Productions a company that fosters and supports musicians and bands to go onto to become household names in the music industry. Anjanette is an art educator at the gifted and talented school Terrence C. Reilly in Elizabeth, NJ.
She is also a 200 hour certified yoga instructor that offers private and small group sessions at her studio space at The Manufacturers Village. She loves what she does and can’t wait to share her photography with you at the upcoming Artists Studio Tour this year.

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