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Becky Yazdan

Becky Yazdan received her MFA in 2005 from New York Studio School where she studied with Bill Jensen, Charles Cajori and Graham Nickson. She was the recipient of the Hohenberg Travel Award, the Nora Speyer Scholarship, the Emma Strain Award, and was recently awarded the Mercedes Matter Award by Paul Efstathiou of Hollis Taggart Gallery.

Recent exhibitions include solo shows at Giampietro Gallery in New Haven, CT and One River School in Englewood, NJ, a two person show with Katherine Bradford at Giampietro Gallery, and group shows at Frosch&Co in NYC, La Grange Gallery outside Paris, France, the Painting Center in NYC, Victory Hall Drawing Rooms in Jersey City and Centotto in Bushwick. Her work has been featured by Art Spiel, Two Coats of Paint, Gorky’s Granddaughter and Studio Critical. She has a solo show with Frosch&Co in NYC in 2023.

“The canvases of Becky Yazdan conjure the interior world of personal memories, which she evokes without illustrating specific details. The Brooklyn-based artist creates layered compositions based on subject matter from her daily life: books, TV shows, dreams, and past experiences. She works by combining color, form, and pattern, both intuitively and intentionally, digging up sensations as intangible as the first time she told a lie or the color of a beloved childhood bathing suit. ‘The paintings are like dreams,’ Yazdan has said of her work. ‘The events of the day reorganized and combined with other events and memories until a new, often surprising, reality has taken shape.’” —Artsy

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