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Cynthia Vaughn

CYNTHIA J. VAUGHN is a multi-disciplinary artist based out of New Jersey, born and raised
in the southward of Newark, NJ. Cynthia's natural talents were evident at the early age of 9
and was nurtured by her elementary school art teacher who inspired her creativity and started
her on the journey of shaping her raw and innate talent in painting and illustration. Throughout
her formative years, Cynthia stretched her talent as a student at Arts High School, in Newark,
NJ, creating beautiful pieces of art using acrylics, oils, pastels, pencils and charcoal. Cynthia's
talent and love for fashion, led her path to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York
where she studied Fashion Illustration and Design and continued to expand her knowledge and
grow her skills.
Cynthia's works of art share stories reflecting the sights, sounds and scenes of her culture,
heritage and life experiences against the backdrop of a vibrant and eclectic urban setting. An
avid lover of jazz, music is a common theme; along with themes of children playing, exploring,
and learning and social justice.
Cynthia J. Vaughn is a storyteller, and her body of work paints a picture of ideas, messages, and
emotions for others to feel and experience.
"Through art I can visually share the things I love
and have experienced."
All forms of Cynthia's artwork, including Denim Pallette, a custom line of wearable art, are
available under the banner CJGallery LLC.

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