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Dee Spencer Bush

Dee Spencer is a professional Face and Body Artist and Airbrush Tattoo Pro, currently serving as Resident Artist at Turtleback Zoo since 2020. She is also a professional Theatrical Wig, Hair and Makeup Designer. Previous Broadway credits include Makeup Swing Supervisor - Phantom of the Opera, Hair Swing- Aladdin, wig Designer - Friends the Musical Parody, National Tour, The Office Parody National Tour. Dee has also served as the Wig, Hair, Makeup Designer for St. Joe’s Regional High School, Montvale NJ as well as their Broadway Theater Workshops for the past 11 years Dee began exploring art on canvas during CoVid to fill a void. As supplies and opportunities dwindled, Dee began to explore creating art by recycling cardboard boxes, and other paintable items. Immediately a new love was born. Dee is looking forward to sharing her Isolation Art pieces as she continues to learn and grow as an artist. Dee is affectionately known as DeeWorks, The Working Lady whose motto is: “if the work won’t come to Dee, then Dee will go to work”

Alternate Burst.jpg
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