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Donna Moran

MV Open Studio Statement. October 2022

My studio practice has been influenced by our recent pandemic, political climate, as well as my love of pattern and decoration. The seemingly man-made opportunities for disasters affect my perception of our physical and political lives and influence my work, although I am becoming more positive as the world reopens. I believe that the series Requiem explores my current concerns.

In the series Requiem and Landscape of Memory there is lighter then in the previous series, Origin Stories and Monsters Among Us (2020-21) which was reflective of Covid and the politics of last year. My work combines drawing, painting and silkscreen on paper and panel. It is a new take on an earlier set of drawings that I tited Anticipatory Cahoots, started before the pandemic. After I collage the work, I continue to draw and paint on them. I continually reuse my past work, allowing the architecture of the past work to reassert into the new.

Alternate Burst.jpg
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