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Elina Rosenblum

Born and raised in Ukraine, Elina Rosenblum moved to US in 1998, and now lives and works in NJ.

First education - Math and Computer Science (Brandeis), Master's in Computer Science (UPenn)
Second education - various mosaic and stained glass classes (Chicago Mosaic School), including Large Architectural Installations with Gary Drostle
Self-taught mural artist
Elina's private mosaic and stained glass installations, as well as public artworks, are found in New Jersey, New York, Chicago, and Barcelona.

Elina's passion is to transform spaces, utilizing materials creating rich effects in texture, color, and play of light, to create exquisite, luxurious, cozy, and unique spaces radiating joy and delight.

Elina's inspiration is rooted both in rich ancient folk art traditions, such as slavic, turkish, and tibetan, as well as in the incredible spirit of Art Nouveau architects and artists such as Gaudí, Jujol, Cadafalch, Hundertwasser, and Klimt.

Elina creates custom mosaic and stained glass installations, works on her own mosaic artworks, and teaches mosaic workshops. Her studio is located in the welcoming Manufacturers Village in East Orange, NJ.

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