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Karis Takaki

Karis Takaki is a New Jersey based artist with roots in the sun-drenched landscapes of Southern Colorado. Driven by a profound sense of curiosity, Karis draws inspiration from the living memory reflected in the natural world and the stories etched within it. Her art explores the transformative poetry of nature's persistence and contemplates humanity's personal relationship with the environment. Exploring notions of "home" and "place," she captures fleeting moments of magic found in everyday life, prompting viewers to contemplate the poignant beauty of existence.

Karis honed her artistic vision through extensive studies at the University of Colorado, Parsons School of Design, and the Art Institute of Florence in Italy. She was a contributor to the Florida Research Ensemble and tapped for a residency at the New York Studio Program. She received an MFA in photography from the University of Florida where she had the privilege of nurturing aspiring artists through teaching. Her artwork has been featured in prestigious exhibitions, including juried shows and group displays at esteemed venues such as the Harn Museum and the Galeria Artes Plasticas.

After working for many years in creative fields with a digital focus, Karis has returned to creating in the tactile, employing a diverse range of mediums, including watercolor, ink and hand-made site-specific earth pigments. Celebrating the cyclical beauty of decay and renewal, Karis’s art invites viewers on a journey of introspection through abstract botanicals and mystical landscapes, capturing the ethereal essence of nature and its enduring mysteries.

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