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Leslie Courtney Adler

My name is Leslie Adler and I am an artist. I love making.
Originally from New York City, I now split my time between Northern New Jersey and Vermont. I have exhibited in many states in the U.S. and in Paris.
After earning a BS degree in Advertising Design I worked as an Art director and Graphic Designer. I then returned to school to earn a Master of Fine Arts degree to pursue a Fine Arts career.
Much of my work is on paper. I have been drawn to its many natural qualities since I can remember. I use all mediums but often use inks, (natural dyes, and gouache), combined with acrylics and oil paint. I also like to create installations as an extension and sublimation of ideas in my paintings. I am making sculptures well. Some of these are ceramics and some are made of steel.
I like to recycle; my unused or unwanted materials are perfect for making sculptures and collages. I like making hand-pulled monoprints and drawing as well.
Most of the time I can be found in my studio in East Orange New Jersey. I am currently a member of the First Street Gallery in New York City. I have co-curated an exhibition each year in New York City, and I have taught at the college level.
My objective with my art is to reach people not just where they think, but where they are engaged and moved.
My other activities are certified teaching meditation and wellness, hiking, and taking pictures.
Leslie Courtney Adler

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