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Rachel Pruzan

My paintings and wall sculptures are my emotions and soul laid bare. Rooted in deep curiosity, my art is born from intuitively exploring the interplay between mediums, materials, and elements such as fire and water. The result is evocative, layered, textured, and organic. 

I’m equally curious about my inner world, and seek to understand aspects of myself that my work reflects. Only when my pieces are complete can I be certain of their meanings and messages.

Much of my process is unpredictable, and I surrender to it completely. Whether I’m pouring acrylic paint, blending alcohol inks, or using fire to sculpt and scorch, it excites me to never know precisely where I’ll end up. 
With the medium as my co-creator, I feel my way through, working more intentionally as the composition reveals itself.

I’m primal and gestural when I create—I often eschew brushes for my bare hands. And I love how wood panels and yupo respond to my aggressive mark making.They’re steadfast collaborators, remaining stable as I press, rub, scrape, and torch.

Metallics are a near constant in my work, glowing subtly from beneath the surface, or boldly drawing attention to shapes. I especially love using fire and paint on these powerful colors, evoking decay from natural elements, and helping my art to convey the beauty and significance of vulnerability.

I also find beauty in our ever-evolving, imperfect selves, and in the transformations that occur in nature. I embrace this impermanence and imperfection (wabi-sabi), and that message is communicated in every detail of my work.

The creative process feels intimate and sacred. But I also hold a deep respect for the relationship between artwork and viewer. The shared experience of witnessing others connecting with my work is one of my greatest joys.

To learn a bit about my “Unveilings” and “Stone Roses” series, or see additional photos of current work, please visit my website.

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