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Tracey Luckner

Tracey Luckner is a lifelong artist originally from the Northwest and now living in Summit, New Jersey. She studied Art History at Pomona College in Los Angeles and the Sorbonne in Paris. She has been painting abstractly for the past 10 years and recently completed the Art2Life Creative Visionary Program. Her lyrical abstract landscapes are inspired by memories and feelings of a place, season, or color palette and evolve intuitively as the work progresses. She is striving for a balance between order and spontaneity, serenity and energy, light and contrast. Each piece has multiple layers that create texture and depth as she works with varied materials such as acrylic, collage, oil, and oil sticks. Her latest series is Virtual Year, which explores memories of travel and more intensely experienced seasons close to home. Please visit her Instagram page @traceylucknerart to learn more about Tracey and see her newest work.

Alternate Burst.jpg
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