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Hello Villagers!

I have a large studio space for rent, and I have decided to offer it out to rent for a day or a month as temporary space. If you have a big project/Commission that you would like to get done, and need a larger temporary space, this is it. I can offer some power tools and technical assistance.

I also have a small etching press for special printmaking projects. My press is 12" wide and up to 36" long. If you would like to throw a small kids birthday party and make prints or paper, I can supply you with materials and or lessons! I can also offer tables and chairs for up to 10 people.

It is also a great space to rent for a day if you want to get in to a bigger space.

Tell your friends. If you know anyone that needs temporary space, let them know they can rent one at MV this month, for a day or more. Thanks!

Message me for details and questions. 073-768-1123

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